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Everything relating to the 90’s is back in a big way at the moment. Music, film and fashion have come back full circle. All the big bands from that movement have reissues out or are celebrating a 20 year anniversary of a time that for many was the peak of their careers. If you weren’t there it really was an amazing time. Musically, from a British perspective, the sheer number of bands and artists making great music hasn’t been matched since.
We recently informed you about an exceptional Mod & 6o’s festival in Margate. Well, lucky for you we have another piece of priceless information.
Beano on the Sea in Hastings promises to be one of the highlights of the summer for any Britpop fan. The line up is a who’s who from that era. Embrace, Black Grape, Lightning Seeds, Cast, Reef and Dodgy are just some of the names of the list, but there are many more reasons to visit. Alongside the great live music you have open air screenings of the Oasis and Stone Roses documentaries, Supersonic and Made of Stone, there are tribute bands for some of the giants of 90’s music including Oasis and Blur, and it’s all played out on Hastings Pier itself (which in the past has held live gigs by the Rolling Stones, the Who, Jimi Hendrix and the Clash in the past).
Gents of London Barbershop are big fans of this event. Being on the beach in the sun and seeing your favourite band from when you were 15 years old play live is something very nostalgic and very special, and Gents of London Barbershop’s Spotify playlist will be heavily influenced by this gig for the next few weeks. So pop along for your haircut soon …maybe even a centre parting if you are feeling brave.


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A new exhibition has opened celebrating the mod culture of Britain. At Gents of London Barbershop news like this interests us immediately. There’s no haircut that screams British subculture more than the ‘mod’ cut. It’s a style that’s smart, edgy, iconic and classic all at the same time. And any excuse to take a trip to London’s Soho is an offer we don’t need twice.
London based photographer Owen Harvey is to launch his guest exhibition at The Subculture Archives, Carnaby Street to look into what it takes to be a modern mod and all things mod culture. The exhibition looks at the iconic movement in today’s Britain, and how the movement has evolved since the 1960s. In today’s world of the internet, music streaming and instant celebrity culture it’s interesting to see why some young people still take the time to research and embrace something so seemingly heritage based, from the clothes to the music.


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London in the summertime is a totally different beast to London at any other stage of the year. The atmosphere is more vibrant, the beer tastes a bit colder, the food tastes a bit nicer and people just feel a little bit better. Strolling along the London Southbank in the summertime is one of the capitals best things to do. You get to see all the amazing sights London has to offer (Parliament, Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye, Tower Bridge to name a few), as well as sample a hugely diverse range of food and drink being offered at the pubs and food markets along the route. During the next few weeks there’s also the added bonus of the Underbelly Festival, which is a fusion of music, comedy, food, drink, circus and burlesque acts and family events for the kids. Gents of London Barbershop can’t think of many more things that you’d want in a day out.
A fusion of Udderbelly and London Wonderland, the Underbelly Festival is now nine years old. The comedy is provided by the renowned ‘The Comedy Store’ no less, and acts featuring this year feature pub landlord Al Murray (who is a big favourite with the Gents of London Barbershop crew), Jason Byrne and Stephen K Amos. The drinks are provided by one of London’s largest outdoor bars while the food is street food run by two Michelin star chefs. What better way to enjoy the days and nights. Just 15mins from our location on Amwell Street in Islington, why not pop in and freshen up before your visit to the Underbelly Festival at Gents of London Barbershop. Opening times are 8am Tues/Thurs, 9am Sat and 10 am Sun/Mon/Weds/Fri.
to find out more visit: www.underbellyfestival.com


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The Stone Roses, one of Britain’s best and most iconic bands, played their first London gig in 22 years last Saturday, and it was well worth the wait. After a busy Saturday cutting hair Gents of London Barbers were there to witness the glorious event. In full glare of Wembley Stadium, and a still baking hot summer sun, the band reminded everyone there what they’d been missing out on all that time. The crowd, who were a real mixture of young and old, were already in electric mood by the time the band walked on, and the set list didn’t disappoint as classic after classic was pumped out. Star of the show was John Squire, who is undoubtedly one of Britain’s best ever guitarists, but everyone played their bit. Opening with I Wanna Be Adored and closing with I Am The Resurrection (plus everything in between like Fools Gold, Elephant Stone, Love Spreads and many more) it was 90mins of nostalgia, sun, booze, great music and lots of swagger.

Their self titled début album was played pretty much in its entirety, and rightly so. Not many bands have albums of such quality, and even less bands have that quality from album number one. You’ll find most of that album on the Gents of London Barbershop Spotify playlist, along with a few of their other hidden gems. It got us thinking in the shop, what is the best gig or show we’ve ever been too? Find out below…

Bradley: Oasis, Finsbury Park, 2002

Greg: Carl Cox, Gashouder, Amsterdam, 2015

Sammy: Kings of Leon, Hyde Park, 2017


James: Tom Jones, Live at Midnight, Every Christmas

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band turns 50

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Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band turns 50 years old this week. It’s hard to imagine a more iconic album, certainly one by a British band, probably ever. Following up an album like Revolver would be an intimidating task for other bands, but not for the Beatles. It’s the ultimate collaboration of music, art, style and innovation. Recorded at the now famous Abbey Road Studios in nearby St John’s Wood London, so many stories surround the album that it’s hard to imagine four guys sitting down and writing/recording songs that would eventually mean so much to so many people.
Stories like how the album was inspired by The Beach Boys album Pet Sounds, how they decided to stop touring enabling them to be much more creative in the studio, and most interestingly of all, how the album cover is littered with clues to Paul McCartney’s death (he apparently died in the mid 60s and the person we see now is a body double).
At Gents of London Barbershop we appreciate anything British culture based. The Beatles definitely tick that box. They’re the original ‘mop tops’, with many barbershop clients still coming in with replica haircuts today. It just goes to show, a cool haircut styled with the right hair product never goes out of fashion. Something that we at Gents of London Barbershop are very big advocates of.
Even the album cover is now a work of art in itself.
Everyone has a favourite Beatles song. Here are a collection of the Gents of London teams favourite tracks from the album, as ever …enjoy!


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Regulars to the barbershop will know that we have been working long and hard at formulating our own bespoke male grooming product range. It has been hard work and a long road with many bumps – but no one said it was going to be easy.

Even before our official launch and new website Gents of London Structure Cream & Carbon Clay has been flying out of the barbershop door.

We also have some beautiful Gents of London shaving hardware, including traditional twin razors and MAC3 compatible razors. Shave creams, shaving bowels and badger brushes. You can buy them individually or in a set.

With a new website in development buying on-line will soon be as easy as buying over the counter in our Amwell Street shop.

Lots more information to come. Samples are available on request.


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With the London summertime weather rapidly arriving (or supposed be arriving) it’s the time of year when chaps like to freshen up a bit. That comes in many forms and for many reasons. It can be a couple of new shirts, some new trainers, a tan or of course a fresh haircut. Everyone in London is a little bit busier in the summer with BBq’s/weddings/holidays or just good old fashioned drinks after work. At Gents of London Barbershop we’re big advocates of anything stylish, but when it comes to being British and being stylish it’s nailed on that we’re all in. Pretty Green fits both of those categories.
The clothing line was started by former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher in 2009 and was named after a song by those other British music and style icons The Jam. It was created with traditional British style heavily influenced by the 60s mod scene in mind, but mixing that with a modern twist for the younger generation. From parkas to polos, suits to shoes, gingham to paisley the brand has come a very long way in a very short space of time (which is something that we also pride ourselves on having done at Gents of London Barbershop).
This weekend they will be holding a sample sale at Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in Shoreditch with a whopping 80% off of some items. In our experience there’s no better pick me up for the gloomy summer weather, or the hopefully beautiful summer weather, than heading out to drinks with friends with a fresh haircut and some new clothes on. If you’re looking for the best haircut in town to go with those new clothes freely book in with Gents of London Barbershop via our online booking system.
Truman Brewery, Shop 11, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL


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When it comes May bank holidays there’s nothing more traditional than getting out of London for a trip to the seaside. Whether that’s for drinks, food, some much needed time out of the city or just for a stroll to get fresh sea air in your lungs. However, it wasn’t until the Mod/Rocker scene in the 1960s that music became a part of that tradition too. It doesn’t matter if the weather’s good or bad (it’ll probably be bad, that’s part of the tradition too), it’s the being there that counts.
This coming Bank Holiday is no exception with the choice of venue being Margate in Kent (also known as going on a beano according to Del Boy in the infamous Jolly Boys Outing Only Fools and Horses episode), where the mixture of music, alcohol, fashion, fish n chips and time off work all collide for one epic weekend. At Gents of London we’re always interested in all things retro or music based. It completely fits in with our philosophy of looking good and sounding good. Get yourself a fresh haircut at the barbershop, put on a new shirt and head out to listen to some great tunes. We’ve been getting more and more Mod Style Haircuts coming in the shop over the past few months and relish the opportunity to do more. It’s quite an intimidating cut to do for some barbers as technically it can be difficult, but we love doing them. For mod appointments book in with Bradley anytime between Tuesday through to Saturday.
In association with Great British Music & Culture there’s plenty to do including art exhibitions, markets and scooter rallies, with the surrounding areas boasting loads of restaurants and vintage clothing boutiques. 
Pete will be representing the Gents of London barbers on the Sunday so if you happen to see him freely mooch over and say hey.


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At Gents of London Barbershop music is very important to us. As soon as you walk through the door you’ll see this by the music coming out of the speakers. So something like Record Store Day in London is something that is right up our street.
For those of you not in the know it’s one day in the year when independent record shops throw their doors open to celebrate all things vinyl, with some having live performances and some even selling special limited edition prints, from bands including the Cure, David Bowie, Ken Boothe, the Smiths and plenty more of the great music we champion in Gents.
It’s fast becoming one of the biggest days in the musical calendar with it taking off all over the globe too. Listening to a record is a totally different experience than digital. You sit back, you listen to a whole 12 songs without skipping anything, you have a sleeve to hold with pictures/song titles/lyrics and most importantly, it just sounds better. If you don’t own a turntable it would be a great time to invest, if not, still head down and just soak up the atmosphere…


Here’s a taster of our barbers favorite songs of all time:

Adam’s choice

Dylan’s choice

Bradley’s choice

Greg’s choice

Sammy’s choice

Pete’s choice


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Gents of London Barbershop are giving away two tickets to go and see our good friends Heavyball perform live on Thursday 27th April 2017 at the Spice of Life, Soho.

We are also giving away a FREE haircut at our glorious Central London barbershop. Located merely a short walk from Kings Cross and Angel Islington tube station.

This will be their first London gig of 2017 and the day before the gang head off on their European tour.

Heavyball will be playing along side the superb Glenn Hodge again, so if you haven’t seen him you really should.

To enter just click on the image of the guys performing live in our barber shop at the top of the page and like the Facebook link – simple as that – good luck.

For full gig info click here.

Here’s a few of our ‘choice’ favorites from Heavy Ball to get you in the mood, enjoy.