Booking Online Is Always Recommended

Thanks for visiting our website and considering Gents of London. By booking an appointment online or on the telephone you are agreeing to our terms and conditions listed below.
Please be sure you use a correct name, telephone number and email address. If entered incorrectly, our system may automatically cancel the booking.
Rest assured, no personal information provided is passed on to any third parties.

Barbershop Booking Terms & Conditions

Gents of London Limited kindly ask that you provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for appointment cancellations. This allows us to potentially offer your appointment to another client and avoids your barber losing income. Any less than 24 hours notice will result in a small but fair additional £10 fee, which is payable on your next visit. This simply acts as a deterrent to avoid last minute cancellations and people not showing up. We hope you also feel this is fair.
Please be sure to be on time to avoid delaying the following client. If you are running late please kindly phone ahead: +44 20 7837 0171 Please make sure you provide us with your correct contact details. Incorrect email addresses and telephone numbers are automatically deleted from the booking system.
If you do not receive an appointment confirmation email, your appointment will not have been confirmed. Should this happen, please freely call the barbershop and one of our barbers will be happy to help.
Thank you for your support and cooperation, look forward to seeing soon.
The Gents of London Team