By August 1, 2017Music, Subculture
A new exhibition has opened celebrating the mod culture of Britain. At Gents of London Barbershop news like this interests us immediately. There’s no haircut that screams British subculture more than the ‘mod’ cut. It’s a style that’s smart, edgy, iconic and classic all at the same time. And any excuse to take a trip to London’s Soho is an offer we don’t need twice.
London based photographer Owen Harvey is to launch his guest exhibition at The Subculture Archives, Carnaby Street to look into what it takes to be a modern mod and all things mod culture. The exhibition looks at the iconic movement in today’s Britain, and how the movement has evolved since the 1960s. In today’s world of the internet, music streaming and instant celebrity culture it’s interesting to see why some young people still take the time to research and embrace something so seemingly heritage based, from the clothes to the music.