By April 18, 2017Music
At Gents of London Barbershop music is very important to us. As soon as you walk through the door you’ll see this by the music coming out of the speakers. So something like Record Store Day in London is something that is right up our street.
For those of you not in the know it’s one day in the year when independent record shops throw their doors open to celebrate all things vinyl, with some having live performances and some even selling special limited edition prints, from bands including the Cure, David Bowie, Ken Boothe, the Smiths and plenty more of the great music we champion in Gents.
It’s fast becoming one of the biggest days in the musical calendar with it taking off all over the globe too. Listening to a record is a totally different experience than digital. You sit back, you listen to a whole 12 songs without skipping anything, you have a sleeve to hold with pictures/song titles/lyrics and most importantly, it just sounds better. If you don’t own a turntable it would be a great time to invest, if not, still head down and just soak up the atmosphere…


Here’s a taster of our barbers favorite songs of all time:

Adam’s choice

Dylan’s choice

Bradley’s choice

Greg’s choice

Sammy’s choice

Pete’s choice