Everything relating to the 90’s is back in a big way at the moment. Music, film and fashion have come back full circle. All the big bands from that movement have reissues out or are celebrating a 20 year anniversary of a time that for many was the peak of their careers. If you weren’t there it really was an amazing time. Musically, from a British perspective, the sheer number of bands and artists making great music hasn’t been matched since.
We recently informed you about an exceptional Mod & 6o’s festival in Margate. Well, lucky for you we have another piece of priceless information.
Beano on the Sea in Hastings promises to be one of the highlights of the summer for any Britpop fan. The line up is a who’s who from that era. Embrace, Black Grape, Lightning Seeds, Cast, Reef and Dodgy are just some of the names of the list, but there are many more reasons to visit. Alongside the great live music you have open air screenings of the Oasis and Stone Roses documentaries, Supersonic and Made of Stone, there are tribute bands for some of the giants of 90’s music including Oasis and Blur, and it’s all played out on Hastings Pier itself (which in the past has held live gigs by the Rolling Stones, the Who, Jimi Hendrix and the Clash in the past).
Gents of London Barbershop are big fans of this event. Being on the beach in the sun and seeing your favourite band from when you were 15 years old play live is something very nostalgic and very special, and Gents of London Barbershop’s Spotify playlist will be heavily influenced by this gig for the next few weeks. So pop along for your haircut soon …maybe even a centre parting if you are feeling brave.