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Carbon Clay – One of the best selling men’s hair wax in the UK

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A few years back, Pete Donoghue, professional barber and founder of Gents of London barbershop, decided to attempt to design, formulate and create a forward thinking men’s hairstyling range.

It’s safe to say it took an incredible amount of hard work, bumps in the road and investment but by 2015, Gents of London finally had a couple of products that would supersede everyone’s expectations in the barbershop for sales over the next two years.

Ultimately it was a group effort from the entire Gents of London team of barbers, Pete and the Gents of London Barbershop team all knew what they liked and didn’t like about other men’s hair styling products they had previously used and stocked.

Pete informed us “The plan was always to avoid sweet smells and bright coloured formulation. We wanted to design a range tailored towards our barbershop clientele (men from 19-45 primarily). Guys that appreciate quality ingredients, ethical UK manufacturing and understated packaging.”

“Vitally, we  listened to feedback from our clients and had lots of conversations in the barbershop about what it is that makes a great styling product. This process was invaluable for agreeing on the final products before production and could only have worked in a London barbershop talking to our style-conscious clientele.”

It took close to 18 months to get Gents of London Carbon Clay perfect which sounds like a long time, but the cosmetic industry moves at a slow pace and has to be 100% perfect prior to being made.

In July 2018 we started selling Gents of London Carbon Clay on amazon, opening up our product range to a much broader clientele instead of just visitors to Gents of London barbershop.

Since then, we currently sit at the 18th best selling men’s hair product in the UK. No hard sell, no expensive marketing and no brand endorsements – The people have spoken! …and we love them for it 🙂

If you’d like to try Gents of London Carbon Clay, you can pick one up for as little as £6.99 inclusive of FREE UK delivery via the website. Or you can, of course, grab one from amazon with free delivery for Prime members. Gents of London carbon Clay may not change your life, but it might make you 10% more handsome so surely worth a punt.


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