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There is an excellent chance that you will have already seen an Oiboy t-shirt, either on the street or while flicking through your phone on a viral social media post. The Warhol-esque inspired South London based clothing line Oiboy was formed just three years ago by two local lads with an idea, some enthusiasm, and the skills.

Co-founder, designer, friend and regular client of the barbershop George Langham started the brand with a good friend and model Dylan Hartigan. With recent features in GQLondon Fashion Week and now sold in a growing number of retailers including The Idle Man and Stuarts of London Oiboy has created a cult following and have even earned a place the Urban Dictionary.

Founders, George & Dylan

Bradley caught up with George (an old school friend) over a pint at the Lexington, with the aim of finding out how it all started.

What inspired you to produce a range of clothes?

We didn’t intentionally set out to make a brand, the initial t-shirts were for mates, as a laugh, then more and more people started requesting t-shirts before we knew it we had launched a brand.

Where do you find your inspiration for your logos and what’s the next slogan that’s going to get the ‘Oiboy treatment’?

The thing we have found weird is that brands have contacted us to make bootleg t-shirts for them. A guerrilla type of advertising if you will. We haven’t taken them up on this as we feel we don’t want to cheapen what we do. We have done two promo tee’s though, one for a give-a-way at our IDLE MAN launch party night and one for LFWM (London Fashion Week Men’s) promoting the fact we were there.

Where do you feel British street fashion is at the moment?

Well for us, It needs to be affordable, humorous and open to everyone. We started 3 years ago way before the term ‘Brexit’ was formed and we’ve noticed that post Brexit blues people want humor and an escapism from reality.

How do you see Oiboy progressing over the next few years? 

We’ve started introducing Oiboy brand carrier items into our ‘season-less collections’ to coincide with our ever growing collection of bootlegs, so we’d like to think Oiboy as a name can live on without bootlegging.

You were recently invited to London Fashion Week which is a real honor. How did that come about?

We were in the showrooms, which is specifically for emerging talent, so being a young brand helped, but we have been working hard for three years only recently gaining a fair amount of press coverage.

Oiboy is a collaboration between George Langham and Dylan Hartigan. How does the collaboration work?

We were neighbors for years so growing up in the same surroundings, knowing the same people going to the same places bonds you, then having same/similar interests helps. Having a 10 year(ish) gap in ages has been an advantage as our knowledge of old/new /current is vast as a twosome. We see ourselves as a creative team giving balanced input.

Who do you think always looks cool and are there any style icons out there that you would like to see modeling Oiboy clothes?

I guess ‘coolness’ isn’t about how someone dresses and more how they hold themselves. How they talk, mannerisms and yeah it’s a bonus if they look good whilst having these traits. We’ve had everyone from a Vogue model to mates from the local pub modelling our stuff, so as long as we exist we’ll continue using people from wherever.

Would you agree that good clothing and a good haircut go hand in hand for a stylish gent in modern London?

We firmly believe hair is an expression as much as clothes are and they usually go hand in hand. So for example, if the fashion trend is the 90s, you’ll see 90s inspired haircuts, like ‘curtains,’ ‘French crops,’ the ‘Liam Gallagher’ cut and ‘undercuts’ making a comeback.

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