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How to use Sea Salt Spray

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How do you use Sea Salt Spray? Gents of London Sea Salt Spray is by far one of our best selling men’s hair styling products we make. When we introduce it to our clients in the barbershop and they see the results most guys choose to buy a bottle when settling up for their haircut.

But for what exactly is a Sea Salt Spray? What does it do? Is it suitable for your hair styling requirements?

Fear not! The hair specialists at Gents of London Barbershop are here to help! We will aim to keep thing relatively simple – no need for too much science and jargon, just key features, benefit, and top tips!

What are the benefits of using Gents of London Sea Salt Spray?

There are a few different benefits of using a decent Sea Salt Spray, dependant on your styling requirements, hair length and hair texture. It works by absorbing the natural oils in your hair and is fantastic for creating extra volume if should you wish to create ‘big hair’. Also ideal for ‘de-fluffing’ your hair after a shower, our Sea Salt Spray excellently creates thickness and texture to hair, making it look fuller and more structured. With its texture enhancing properties our Sea Salt Spray can rejuvenate even the limpest of lifeless hair.

How to use Sea Salt Spray:

Simply apply a few spritzes to damp hair, blow-dry to speed up the processor or leave to dry naturally. Once dry, for additional hold (although not essential) you can also apply clay, cream or paste as required.

Who is Sea Salt spray for?

It is a common misconception that Sea Salt Spray is only for long hair or fine hair. It does work incredibly well in longer hairstyles but works equally well in shorter tapped haircuts too. However, it will be less effective if your hair is shorter than an inch or so. Its a great addition to any hair texture requiring added hold and definition.

Sea Salt Spray features

Gents of London Sea Salt Spray has a natural dry look while still allowing you to run your hands through your hair without residue, so if you prefer the natural (no visible product) look sea salt spray could be for you.

It can thicken up fine hair types and should your hair be going a tad thinner than you’d like, applying a few spritz of Sea Salt Spray could be well worth a try. Its no miracle cure for baldness I’m afraid, although it does create the illusion of thickness very effectively indeed.

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