National Album Day October 2018

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Barbers love music, we can not think of one barber between us that isn’t totally obsessed with music. So with National Album day looming this weekend is a special one!

National Album Day has celebrated this Saturday 13th October all over the country. The idea is that whoever wishes to take part listens to an album of their choice at 3:33 pm in its entirety to celebrate the birth of an ‘album’, which is 70 years old this week. In today’s day and age of instant music and playlists an album can often be forgotten or disregarded (we all skip tracks don’t we), so to sit down and listen to 10 songs in a row is a rare but great thing. Everyone has a favourite album, whether they know it or not. It’s much more than just a collection of songs if it’s done properly. Can you remember the first album you ever bought with your own pocket money? It’s a question often asked in Gents of London Barbershop and even if the results are sometimes embarrassing (Steps was a worrying answer) its always something that holds a special place for you in the years to come. We asked our team of barbers to try and remember what the first album they ever owned was and here are the answers…

Bradley: Dangerous – Micheal Jackson
Sammy: All Rise – Blue
Greg: Only By the Night – Kings of Leon
Adam: HIStory – Micheal Jackson
James: Wouldn’t own up guess is the Venga Boys
To celebrate there are activities and events all over the country all week long. If you’re London based then Waterloo Station has an excellent exhibition celebrating the artwork of albums, ranging for Avant gaurs to pop culture. It spans the entire 70 years of album artwork and picks out one album cover for every year, telling the story behind the design. Only one artist features twice on the list, can you guess who before you go…?

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