Take a moment to discover the DMA’s

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For those of you that haven’t heard of DMA’s then you need to read this blog and have you Spotify ready to go check them out. They have just released their second studio album called ‘For Now’ It is an absolute classic. Hailing from Australia the band are very distinctive. The sound is very British that harks back the 90s Brit pop days of Oasis, the Charlatans, Suede and many more. Which of course is all of the favourite music that Gents of London Barbershop plays every day. The DMA’S

The Debut Album

Their debut album ‘Hills End‘ is two years old now but still sounds great, and the new album is a continuation of the sound they created then. It’s a real summer album with feel-good tunes that will be played at many of this summers festivals. The Gents of London Barbershop playlist is something that we take great pride in, and it takes quite a lot for us to add new albums to it, but this is something we can get behind.

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