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The Idle Man Visit Gents of London Barbershop

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Big thanks to The Idle Man for heading over to the shop for a chat, haircut and photo shoot. It’s great to get a bit of media interest, especially from a decent clothing online retailer.

The Idle Man are always on the lookout for new exhibitions, restaurants, pubs and everything else in between, across the capital and further afield. Last week they headed down to our Gents Of London Barbershop near Angel Station within the London City square mile. While they were here we had a chinwag about the most popular hairstyles for men this summer.


Traditional Values

Focusing on the traditional values of barbering, as well as creating a classic barbershop appearance and interior, you could be fooled into thinking this is a barbershop for your dad’s generation, but, you’d be wrong. In fact, our highly skilled team have very much got their fingers on the pulse. While there’s clearly a demand for classic cuts at the moment we are certainly capable of providing contemporary cuts and styles as well.

A common request in our Barbershop is for a sharp finish. Lots of Gents who may have previously gone with a clean scissor cut are now opting for a grade 1, 2 or even 0 on the back and sides. Smart haircuts and defined partings are very much the in thing right now. I’m reconnecting a lot of disconnected haircuts these days, a more technical shorter to long cut seems to be very popular. The Brad Pitt disconnection is still around, but its popularity is fading fast – for the cool kids that lead the way it’s pretty much over!

Top Gents Haircuts of Summer 2014:

A grade one back and sides creating a natural neckline, some weight left in creating a slightly squarer old school look. On top, shorter at the back towards the crown, with more length towards the front, swept to the side with a sharply defined parting and slightly quiffed up at the front. For this style, you’re going to need a stronghold water based cream with low shine. I’d recommend Gents Of London Structure Cream every time.

Another popular cut is a slight twist on the one above and a nod to the Rockabilly era. Try a low 0 on the back and sides right down to the skin. Maintaining a lot of length on the top, slicked back with a fine-tooth comb to create a soothing effect and some lift at the front to create shape. Apply a liberal amount of Gents of London Structure Cream. This product offers a high shine, good hold and it washes out with ease -Essentially it’s a premium pomade that every chap should have a pot of on their bathroom shelf.

Beards are massive at the moments – literally! If you can grow one join the beard revolution. Lots of guys haven’t cultivated a beard before so when it starts to take over your face come and see us for some serious beard maintenance and top beard tips.

If you live in or near London and you’re looking for a barbershop where the barbers know exactly what they’re doing, but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, then look no further than the Gents Of London Barbershop.

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