The National – Sleep Well Beast

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Discovering new music and listening to new releases is sadly a dying art form. The National are a strange band. Not majorly popular (in the UK at least) and not commercial, but if you know who they are you probably already love them. Similar to Radiohead but much more accessible they released their seventh studio album Sleep Well Beast recently, and it may well be their best collection of songs. Their atmospheric, brooding, dark music strikes a chord with people, and you’ll find a few songs on the Gents of London Barbershop playlist. Early favorites are opening track ‘Nobody Else Will Be There’ and ‘Carin At the Liquor Store’.
It got us thinking in the shop of albums in general. Not many bands release great albums anymore in the era of playlists. If you think about it yourself when was the last time you listened to a whole album without skipping a song? Especially a new album. The trouble is records don’t make as much money anymore. So less time is spent in the studio and more time is spent out on the road. We’re always open to suggestions of new or undiscovered music. If there are any Gents of London Barbershop regulars who think we’ll love something, then please mention it the next time you come in and we’ll try it out. Being a music fan is like being in a community or a secret gang. Pop in for a haircut and to join the debate sometime soon.
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