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Netflix – Top 5 Fixes – Post Lockdown

By July 15, 2020 November 9th, 2020 No Comments

Netflix definitely helped save us from certain boredom earlier this year whilst confined to the house. Now, Gents of London Barbershop have opened their doors again. Football is back on. The pubs are finally serving a thirsty nation. It does feel like lockdown is starting to ease.

Memories of a toilet paper drought, watching The Tiger King and doing a Joe Wicks workout in your pyjamas, thankfully, seem a long time ago.

As we head towards a slightly more normal existence, this is a perfect time to look back on the months where the sofa and the remote control became our best friends, by compiling a list of the top 5 series the Gents of London barbers watched on Netflix during lockdown.

MONEY HEIST (La Casa De Pepal)

Don’t let the subtitles put you off (it means you put your phone down and watch at least). This was quality: a Spanish crime drama, that spanned over four seasons. Featuring two massive heists, with more twists and turns than a Lionel Messi dribble.

A criminal mastermind, The Professor, leads a motley crew of characters, all with city names and complex characters. It’s fast-paced, sexy, violent and utterly gripping.
Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Denver and Helsinki etc. are characters that the audience individually develop a relationship with over the series. As a viewer, you really do feel part of the action.

It is visually stunning, with standout scenes in almost every episode. It boasts very memorable imagery (the iconic Dali masks have become a global phenomenon) and comes with a killer soundtrack.

Highly recommended, it would be a “crime” to miss this!


This series is starring, written, produced and directed by Ricky Gervais. The two seasons on Netflix are capable of having you howl with laughter, and be welling up with tears in the same scene.
Dealing with the fallout of his wife’s death, and his subsequent decision to do exactly what he wants may not immediately sound a topic for comedy. Still, the writing and acting of not only Gervais but a stellar cast of familiar faces make this one of our lockdown hi-lights!

Beautifully written, absolutely hilarious and with some of the finest swearing seen on TV, this is a dark comedy that focuses on human nature. Definitely one that Gents of London urges you to put on your list!


With a holiday seeming to be off the list for 2020, Netflix got it right releasing White Lines. It’s a drama set on Ibiza, following the story of a girl searching for clues to her brothers’ murder on the island 20 years ago.
Told in real-time and flashbacks, the audience get a sight of the beaches, clubs and settings that Covid has denied us from this year. It offers us sex, drugs and house music, even if we are at home on the sofa!

Enjoyable, visually pleasing, and with an excellent cast of British actors. White Lines is worth a watch for those missing out on some shenanigans in the sunshine.


Ozark stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. It’s the tale of a married couple, forced to relocate from Chicago to the Ozark Lake region of Missouri. They do so to launder money for a Mexican Drug Cartel. The entire Gents of London Barbershop team really enjoyed this one. It’s a brilliant parallel between the ordinary life of a financial advisor with everyday problems, alongside issues with ruthless gangsters and drug dealers.

The show is great at moving between scenes of healthy family life, to those that represent the violent and ruthless world of organised crime.

Full of twists, superbly acted and very addictive as you watch the family become more immersed and adept at living in the criminal underworld. One not to miss!


With live sport also falling foul of the ‘Rona’, Netflix played an absolute blinder in rolling this out. A documentary that followed the career of Michael Jordan, with particular emphasis on his final season (the last dance) with the Chicago Bulls! Superbly put together, this is not just for sports or even basketball fans. It gives an insight into one of the greatest and most recognisable sportsmen on this planet. Mixing live action to satisfy our sports cravings whilst including interviews with teammates, opposition, coaches and sportswriters.

On the court action, and what goes on behind the scenes in professional sport is detailed alongside the hysteria that followed Michael Jordan wherever he went.
Another reason why Netflix is worthy of your hard-earned pennies, this is something that significantly improved our lockdown and was binged through in only a few evenings.

So there you have it, the Gents of London Barbers top five Netflix recommendations over the last few months.

Some Crime, some sport, some sex, some drugs. Plenty of massive songs, lots of laughs, a few tears and a whole lot of sofa time. Sounds like a decent mix in or out of lockdown!

Think we’ve missed one out or not listed your favourite? Freely comment below.

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Words by Richie Kyle