Welcome to Gents of London Barbershop in Islington, a traditional barbers providing quality barbering services in a relaxed, professional environment. We pride ourselves on providing you with a haircut that represents how you wish to be portrayed; whether classic or contemporary.



Located in between a row of Georgian and Victorian traditional independent shop fronts. At first sight, you could think Gents of London Barbershop has been situated on Amwell Street in Angel Islington for the past century. Our barbershop doors first actually opened to the London public in 2013.

With great appeal to guys looking for a decent haircut, good music all with limited hairdressing jargon. Gents of London Barbershop has become a popular destination for the best hairstyles in London town.

Steeped in heritage, Gents of London Barbershop has a traditional interior inspired by London history with a few subtle nods to the sixties and British subculture. As the barbershop has evolved, we have refined our barbering service’s, making it easier for new and existing clients to book a barbershop appointment.

All artwork, photography, literature and ornaments in the barbershop have a story to tell. They come from a broad cross-section of friends and visitors to the barbershop who appreciate what Gents of London Barbershop represents.