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By December 17, 2018Uncategorized

When Christmas time comes around, there are certain things or traditions that everyone looks forward too. All the food and drink come high on that list, as does music. We’ve all got a favourite Christmas song after all, but do we all have a favourite regular Christmas gig to attend? At Gents of London Barbershop, we do, and it’s something that we will always look forward too when this time of year comes around. In Highgate, there’s a pub that’s well known to the locals, but maybe not so much to people outside the area, and that pub is the Boogaloo. Every Christmas time something special happens at the Boogaloo, a fusion of great music, booze and Christmas. The Rifles are firm favourites of Gents of London Barbershop. So much so that you’ll probably hear one of their tracks playing during one of your gents haircuts. Every year the Rifles perform an acoustic set at the Boogaloo, play great song after great song from one of their many albums. It may seem like an odd tradition at first, but it’s one that we at Gents of London always make it along too, and this year was no exception. From classics like Local Boy and The Great Escape to their cover of Sleigh Ride by the Ronettes, it is something for everyone. We saw many faces that we recognise from the shop in the crowd, all looking remarkably fresh after their visit.

You can catch the Rifles playing a singles tour through London early next year, with a few tickets remaining for their gig at the Borderline in London. We’ll probably see you there if you can manage to get a ticket.