Word In Your Ear Kenny Jones At The Islington

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If you were to list off iconic British bands from the 1960s, then it wouldn’t take you long to think of the Small Faces. Along with bands such as The BeatlesThe Rolling StonesThe Kinks etc. they embodied everything that was cool and vibrant in that period of the time. Great music, sharp handmade clothes, and cool haircuts, all things that are just as important to men in today’s day and age. It’s a period that proves that when you do it well it will stand the test of time, and almost 60 years on people will still get excited by whatever it is. Gents of London Barbershop is proud to be associated with the ‘modern mod’, but you don’t have to have a mod haircut to enjoy the subculture or music.
The legendary drummer from the Small Faces has written an autobiography called Let The Good Times Roll about his experiences in those bands. Not only was he a member of the Small Faces, but he was also a founding member of the band to form from their demise, simply called The Faces. This band featured Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood no less, but he also played with The Who later on in his life. You can still feel those bands influences in the strangest places. Take our very own Gents of London Barbershop. From the artwork on the walls to the music on the stereo to the haircuts we produce, all in part inspired by that iconic British look. Alongside his book, he’s also doing a short tour to promote this piece, which includes a stop off at The Islington June 11th, a stone’s throw from Gents of London Barbershop. We’ll be going, and if you’re interested, then you’ll find a link below for tickets.

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